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How Landlord Risk Protection helps you


Reduce risk

Mitigates risk for the insurer by helping landlords to get important legal documents in place and manage tenants


Stand out in the market with an instantly usable insuretech application that connects directly with the policy

Day-one value

 Broaden the protection you offer to landlords by giving them immediate access to legal assistance

How Landlord Risk Protection helps your policyholders

Help landlords become compliant

Landlord Risk Protection (LRP)  provides landlords with:

  • Lease agreements to finalize the renting out of a property


  • Building / maintenance contracts to manage property


  • Notices for managing tenants


  • Prompts for landlords to help them follow best practice


How Landlord Risk Protection works


Risk Assessment of building / maintenance contracts

Our online health check helps landlords:

  • Find out if supplier agreements include a risk transfer hold harmless clause

  • Make sure the supplier has sufficient insurance of their own

  • Determine what to do if risk protection is not in place


Preparation of legal agreements

LRP improves insurability by reducing the risk of lawsuits and disputes

  • Comprehensive suite of smart, self-guided documents

  • Encoded legal logic to generate high-quality agreements

  • Works on any modern device 24/7

  • Easy to use with comprehensive options to reflect policyholders needs

  • Respected technology used globally by many law firms for their clients

  • Our leases can require tenants to purchase renters insurance and our system can prompt landlords with a safety check to ensure this is complied with (subject to State's laws)


Collaboration between parties

Landlords can easily collaborate on any of the agreements with tenants. They will be able to accept or amend the key details.


Landlord Risk Protection then generates a high-quality agreement for both parties to sign.

Options for delivery

There are two options for insurers to offer Landlord Risk Protection

Option One

A value-add

Landlord Risk Protection can be included as a free benefit for your policyholders to access

Option Two

A sold add-on

Landlord Risk Protection can be sold as an optional add-on with policies

Who is behind Landlord Risk Protection?

Epoq is an international technology company specializing in the development of innovative, online and assisted legal services.



Landlord Legal Protection can be sold as an optional add-on with a business policy



major insurance and financial services brands are supported by Epoq

invested in Epoq’s legal technology platform

legal document drafting services delivered every year

is what we save our end-users globally in legal fees every year

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